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Learn How To Sing In 6 Easy Steps

Learn To Sing #1: Standing posture

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Next, suck in your stomach, thrust your hips forward and stick your chest out. You want to be standing in an upright and comfortable position.

Bonus Tip: Have a full size mirror standing in front of you so you can see yourself when you sing..

Learn To Sing #2: Breathing

Proper breathing comes from the belly, from the core (diaphram). Your shoulders shouldn’t rise when breathing. Practice breathing slowly in with your stomach (NOT with your chest). When you do this right, you’ll notice your stomach slowly contracts inwards. Take several deep breaths before you start to sing.

Bonus Tip: Imagine blowing a candle without putting out the flames.

Learn To Sing #3: Song Choice

When choosing a song to sing, consider your range and style of song that suits your voice. You need to feel comfortable singing the song, and is not too high or low for your range. Thinks of the artists and songs that you enjoy and would like to learn to sing (if you don’t enjoy the song, you won’t want to learn how to sing it).

Bonus Tip: Challenge your voice

This is highly recommended for anyone learning to sing. Try to sing a key higher than you would normally do to increase your vocal range. If you are running out of breadth, take a deep breath before you enter long notes.

Learn To Sing #4: Listening

When learning to sing, a good method is to sing along to a song, and try to identify the pauses (spaces for breathing) and tempo of the song. You’ll learn to sing any song much faster, when you become familiar with the lyrics and beat.

Learn To Sing #5: Record Your Voice

In order to become a great singer, you need to listen to your voice, so you can make improvements and adjust your style. You should record your voice (buy a cheap mic from any electronics store and record your voice through your computer) and play back the recording and listen to how you sound.

Learn To Sing #6: Practice

Sing every where and anywhere. Not just in the shower, car or house when you are alone. Unless you are planning to only ever perform for yourself. If you want to learn to sing so you can eventually perform on the stage, then you need to get used to singing in front of other people.

Start by singing in front of the mirror. Then start to sing in front of close friends and family members. Learning to sing can be fun, when you sing in front of other people!

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